Selected articles by Chiara Zampetti Egidi

Selected articles by Chiara Zampetti Egidi

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Sotheby's first Selling Exhibition of Modern & Impressionist in Hong Kong

ExhibitionsPosted by Chiara Zampetti Wed, January 05, 2011 14:53:13

Pablo Picasso, Minotaure, 1958 , Oil on wood, 92 x 73 cm. Courtesy Ben Brown Fine Arts

01/01/2011 Selling show in reaction to expanding Asian market

Hong Kong. When Sotheby's took the unusual step of holding a selling exhibition-Modern Masters: Impressionism and Early 20th-century Art-in Beijing (preview) and Hong Kong late last year, it was an indicator of a new taste for impressionist and modern art in the Asian markets. [continue]

Published in The Art Newspaper, No. 220, January 2011

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